Over the years, Mary Matha has established a tradition of excellence in spiritual formation, academics, athletics, and activities. We are proud of preparing young people for leadership and service. Our graduates are found in leadership positions across the nation and world. We as a school hold a rich tradition in offering a full curriculum with courses in art, business, computers, language arts, math, music, physical education, religion, science, social studies and athletics. While recognizing that assessment is essential to guiding instruction, monitoring and validating student progress, and providing remediation and enrichment, Mary Matha School encourages students to measure their academic growth along a continuum of personal best.
The Mary Matha curriculum is designed to stimulate intellectual curiosity, develop critical thinking skills, and nurture the desire for life-long learning. To achieve this, our teachers shape the curriculum to meet the different needs of our students as they progress through each level of learning. The content, techniques, and structure employed in each grade are designed to reflect their changing capabilities and prepare them for the next level of learning. Our curriculum is rooted in a base of rigorous academic standards. The foundation for these standards is set by the management.
Co- Curricular activities
Ample opportunities are available for the pupils of develop their innate talents or to hone further the skills they have already acquired. There are a number of clubs and activities in which students can participate. Clubs such as Science Club, English Club, Math's Club, Malayalam Club, Hindi Club, Health and Wellness Club, Eco Club, Yoga Club, Karate Club, Sports Club, Band Troop etc. Encourage children to take up various learning based activities
Music plays a pivotal role in everybody's life. After the study of heavy –burdened, hectic mainstream bookish knowledge, the practice of music is a great relaxation for students. Now a day's music is not a hobby, it is a profession. In our school, the practice of music is mainly for the chief celebrations like Onam, Independence day, Christmas etc. Students are also getting practice in different instruments like Tabala, Keyboard, Organ, Triple, Drum, Mridangam etc. We are making some of our talented students to participate in the Sahodaya District level competition. Their participation and achievement will be really commendable.
Dance is one of the most eye-catching and physical forms of art and creativity. In the modern creative world, dance is a promising career for many youngsters. Our Marians are also getting practice in different dance forms. They are actively inclined towards this art form. Their dedication, teachers’ training etc lead them to be in the first position in almost all the competitions and performances. Not only in our school, but also in the outside stage competition they are getting chances to show their talent. Our Marians are getting special training in folk dance and Group dance items. They will also get an opportunity to compete in the Sahodaya District level competition.
Our school has a remarkable yoga guru whose teaching and guidance are really commendable. Usually our activity day is Wednesday. The participation in this activity extends from standard LKG to standard IX. Usually 4hrs 15mts time is very well balanced divided to teach every student in the manner. Guidance makes our student incompatible and pragmatic in the field of health management and educational values.
We have been conducting karate classes for the students’ on every Wednesday. It is meant for the overall physical and mental development of our students. It creates a sense of self confidence. Our students’ karate is a deeply philosophical practice. Karate teaches ethical principles and can have spiritual significance to its adherents. Our students have going the district karate championship and won prizes under various categories.
Art & craft
We have an excellent facility in the Art & craft section of our school. We also have a handful of students, who have exuberant artistic skill. Students are very keen to enrich their inborn talents with the active support of their teacher. In order to embellish their innate skills, they are getting chances to participate in various types of competitions. Art and Craft department provides training in various traditional artistic forms. Some of them are: Clay modeling, Fabric Painting, Dot painting, Water colouring, Pencil Drawing, Oil Painting, Flower Making, Doll Making, Wool & thread Work
Quiz Club
Knowledge is power and it’s a fact that only power rules the World. The Quiz Club of our school believes in this and tries to help the students to enhance their skill in all possible ways. It aims to expand general awareness and hone the skill of drawing rational inferences. It intends to empower the students with knowledge and create interest and curiosity to collect information related to different fields and aspects of life. It aims to bring to light something new and interesting every time. Tries to provide facts related to general knowledge and information regarding current affairs of national and international importance. So every week classes are conducted to enhance the general knowledge of the students and for this purpose regular quiz competitions are conducted at various levels and selected students are prepared for interschool competition at the state, national and international level.

Health & Wellness Clubs
Health & Wellness Clubs in schools can favorably influence the habits, attitude and knowledge relating to an individual and community. These clubs can modify our behaviour towards the attainment of optimum health. Physical Education caters to provide physical fitness which is an important component of wellness. Activities: Dental Checkup, First Aid Classes, Talk on Drug Abuse, Slogan Writings- Balanced Diet, Aerobics, Yoga.
Science Club
Science Club stimulates the students to rise up with their experimental and innovative talents by conducting activities like Exhibitions, Seminars etc. Activities: CBSE Painting competition, Outreach Program to Khadi/ Manorama Press, Seminar on Food, Diet, Nutrition, New Invention in young Scientists Competition, Awareness drive on less usage of current, Banning the usage of Polythene bags etc.
Social Science Club
In addition to raising awareness of Indian culture and celebrating and recognizing important festivities the club keeps alive conversations about contemporary issues pertaining to our culture. Activity: Visit to Khadi Village - Outdoor Programme, Inter House Play Competition, Collage Making Competition
Language Club
Language Club is a community of students interested in the recreational advantage of literature and writing. The club provides an outlet for creative writings and opportunities to promote the art of language. Activity: Speakers Forum - Speech Competition (children's Day) Hindi Recitations, Reading Competitions, Anchoring Competition on given Topics.
Eco Club
It plays an important role in creating environmental awareness among the future generations. It involves various activities to motivate the students like Plantation of Trees, Waste Disposal and Rain Water Harvesting etc. Activity: Making Save Earth Badges, Green Tiffin Day.
Nature Club
It aims to help children reconnect to the great outdoors. It is a great way to get students energized about taking care of nature. The club members works for solving out some of the important issues facing to the world in the 21st century and thereby helping the Mother Earth. Activity: Medicinal Garden, Best Out of Waste ,Visit to some eco- friendly phlace, Declamation Competition.

Mathematics Club
The mission of Mathematics Club is top inspire excellence, confidence and curiosity through challenging Mathematics problems. It is designed to increase enthusiasm for Mathematics through a lot of variety and fun activities. These activities make faster a positive social atmosphere, with a focus on students working together as a club. Activity: Lecture By Mathematician, Math’s Quiz, Models, Cross Word Puzzle and Math’s Counts.
In addition to these our school provides the following facilities in our campus. They are:
School Library
A library is the nerve center for all intellectual research and the main source of strength to the staff and students. We have a good library with more than 7000 books and more than 15 standard periodicals. The reference section has a variety of standard reference books on almost all topics at the school level.
Digital Class
With a view to prepare for the IT revolution, decision is taken by the management to start digital classes for all. It creatively employs a variety of media to personalize learning for different learners and deploys new and innovative technology making teaching and learning an interactive process.
Computer Lab
The IT wing is well furnished with 40 computers. From class I to XII , students are being given computer training.
We have well equipped and spacious laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Zoology and Botany.
Communicative English
Love English, Learn English & Speak English .Communication by exchanging ideas eloquently is the foundation of educational and personal development. The effective communication is an art that can be used in many areas of life. It can be acquired through efficient training.

Band Troop
We are proud to have a well trained band troop of ours which is called to perform at different occasion within the campus and outside.
Counselling is nothing but the moulding up of the inborn talents of a student. We, the Marians are providing a well established counseling for the students who all are the part of us with a well reputed faculty.
SMS Facility
Our school has started SMS facility for providing up-to-date information to the parents immediately.
School Bus Facility
School Bus pick and drop children to a radius of 35 km.